Annie fresh loose leaf tea smelling in Rwanda

Tea that not only tastes good, it does good.

At Suki Tea Makers, we are fiercely proud of our award-winning brand, awards for not just great tasting loose leaf teas, but also for doing business the right way. Operating in a more socially and environmentally conscious manner is the cornerstone of every business decision we make and everything we do.

Businesses have incredible powers and with that comes incredible responsibility. Suki Tea Makers are in a position to show leadership and radically change and influence consumer behaviours.  We’re serious about our responsibilities and that’s why we hold ourselves to the high standards of independent certification.

Oscar Woolley Suki Tea Darjeeling

Serious Sourcing

You probably already know how seriously we take the sourcing of our tea. Not a single leaf or ingredient comes into our blending and production facility without us having personally selected the garden or scrutinised the source. Over the years, the more sourcing trips we embarked on the bigger the opportunities for our business to make a positive impact quickly became obvious. Seeing things with our own eyes is so important. Only by doing that can we talk about what we do with integrity and authenticity. We could see a direct line from our decision to purchase from specific gardens to how it can benefit the tea pickers, growers, their families and their wider community. That’s why we advocate buying Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified teas.

Zoë Rwanda Tea plucking

More than a Stamp...

With many of the world’s tea plantation workers still living and working in a constant cycle of poverty and sustainability being pushed up the agenda in recent years, embrace our mission:

to build a global community of loose leaf tea drinkers, an appreciation society of the ritual in great tasting, HONEST tea’ Suki Tea Makers are more than just a stamp...