Happy Christmas Eve! Just like that… it's Day 24, the final box of our Tea Advent Calendar!! We are finishing off with our exclusive Black Bush Blend. You know what they say, save the best to last..

Black Bush Blend SUKI

We were so excited to announce our collaboration with Bushmills Irish Whiskey earlier this year for the return of #BlackBushStories which celebrates creators & inventors who challenge traditional thinking. With a mutual pursuit of quality and flavour, we have come together with the amazing team at Bushmills to create something really special!

Black Bush Blend SUKI

This herbal and black tea blend is inspired by Black Bush whiskey. Black Bush has rich, fruity notes balanced by an incredibly unique smoothness. Which is exactly how we wanted this tea to be.

We recommend trying this one with some Bushmills whiskey as a tea cocktail while waiting for Santa to visit.

Black Bush Cocktail

What You'll Need

Bushmills Black Bush Cocktail SUKI

Black Bush Blend
Bushmills Black Bush Whiskey
20 ml Lemon Juice
5ml Peach Vermouth
15ml Spiced Sherry
Soda Water
Cocktail Shaker


Infuse 2 teaspoons of Black Bush Blend tea with 100ml of boiling water. While this brews, add 35ml of Bushmills Black Bush, 20ml Lemon Juice, 5ml Peach Vermouth, 10ml Spiced Sherry to cocktail shaker. Then strain your brewed tea and add 50ml of the brewed Black Bush Blend with ice to cocktail shaker and shake well!! Strain shaken cocktail into a glass of ice, top with Soda Water, garnish with fruit and finally.. Cheers and enjoy!!

This one is perfect for a cosy, fire lit cuppa or as a toast at a Christmas party.. Whatever way you're enjoying it, we are sure you'll LOVE it!!

Black Bush Blend SUKI

We are now including samples of our favourite advent calendar teas with all online orders. Order from our website for a little surprise with your parcel!

Remember the little bag of tea inside each box may look like plastic but it's actually a material called Natureflex which can be disposed of in your home food waste bin or home composting. And don't forget to recycle your cardboard boxes! Did you know we have gone plastic free with our new packaging too? Read more here!

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