On to day 3, and today inside the box it is the delicious and well loved, famous Apple Loves Mint! A beautiful tea on the eye, complete with pretty, little rose buds (so cute).

This naturally caffeine free, fruit tea is inspired by a bag of sweets.  It seems to get people very excited and quite rightly so - a little bag of hidden gems. The baby rose buds and papaya chunks could almost be mistaken for jewels.

Apple Loves Mint SUKI

A layered flavour of sweet apple and papaya, followed by a subtle rose hint and finally fresh mint to finish... a visually stunning and a proper treat to drink and be enjoyed.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Crisp, Fresh

How we like it

Use freshly drawn boiled water. Infuse one tea measure per pot and brew for 2-5 minutes to your taste… we prefer to leave it for a good 4-5minutes to allow the flavours out.

Apple Loves Mint SUKI

If you enjoyed today's tea you can buy Apple Loves Mint for £4.85 from our website. Apple Loves Mint pyramids tea bags are also available,  as well as our reusable Apple Loves Mint Tea Caddy.

Apple Loves Mint is naturally caffeine free & a well known favourite at Suki HQ and beyond! It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and even as an Iced tea...

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea

1 pack Apple Loves Mint

Mint Leaves

Apple to garnish

Suki Teapot

Measuring Spoon

A Kettle

1 Jug of Ice


Apple Loves Mint Iced Tea

Put the kettle on to boil

Add 2 heaped spoonfuls of Apple Loves Mint to your teapot

Add boiling water and leave to brew for approximately 8 minutes

In this time, add plenty of ice, the mint leaves & the sliced apple to your serving glass

Pour the brewed tea over the ice, add a few rose buds to garnish, and Tadah, a beautiful drink to enjoy!

Remember the little bag of tea inside each box may look like plastic but it's actually a material called Natureflex which can be disposed of in your home food waste bin or home composting. And don't forget to recycle your cardboard boxes! Did you know we have gone plastic free with our new packaging too? Read more here!

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What tea do you hope to open in tomorrow's box? You can catch up on any days you might have missed here!