Day 5 of our Tea Advent Calendar brings Gunpowder Green Spearmint! It's time to rest, relax and rewind with today's tea. Take a few minutes with this green tea to help you get through the day.

A punchy and sweet Gunpowder Green tea with refreshing spearmint leaves. Today's tea is hand-blended to a traditional Moroccan recipe, this refreshing green tea is a perfect blend of gently-rolled olive green leaves.

Gunpowder Green Spearmint SUKI

Combining the gunpowder green tea and spearmint leaves together creates a delicious, aromatic tea.

Tasting notes: Sweet, fresh, cooling spearmint

Although this tea is soothing and refreshing, don't be fooled.. Green tea leaves naturally contain caffeine. We recommend enjoying today's tea in the morning or for kick start to the day or as an afternoon pick me up.

How We Like It:

Using freshly drawn boiled water cooled to 70-80 degrees, brew until desired strength is reached.

Tip: Don't use boiling water! Boiling water makes green tea taste bitter.

Green Tea SUKI

Searching for the perfect Moroccan Mint tea recipe? Well look no further! Just brew up a cup of this aromatic blend, add a heaped teaspoon or sugar, a sprig of fresh mint & enjoy!

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