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Advent Calendar FAQs

2018 Advent Calendar is finally here!!! 

You have all been very excited by our big news and already our stock is getting low... to avoid disappointment, we recommend picking yours up now.


How much tea is included in each box? 

Each advent day box contains between 4-10g of tea (Mostly 10g). On two advent days you will find Suki pyramid teabags. Also, there is a Christmas Day tea gift... no, we aren't spoiling the surprise, you'll have to wait until Christmas Day to find out. 

What will I find inside each advent box?

We have popped 22 packs of loose leaf tea, 4 pyramid loose leaf teabags and one special Suki gift in to the calendar. You will find a range of Suki classics and also some blends which are unique to the advent calendar.

How can I buy a Suki advent calendar?

The only place you can purchase our calendar is on our website.

What is the price of the calendar? 

It is priced at £30  (free delivery to the UK)

When will my calendar be delivered?

Your calendar will be dispatched on or before the 19th of November, to ensure you get yours before December starts!

Do you ship your calendars internationally? 

Yes, you can purchase a calendar and we will send it to you, wherever you are! There will be a postage fee for anyone outside of the UK. You can easily calculate this fee on our website. 

What size is the calendar?

The outer box is 31.5cm X 22cm X 5.5cm

Until when can I order my calendar? 

In order to ensure that everyone receives their advent calendar before the 1st of December (we don't want you to miss the excitement of opening your first box on time) calendars will only be on sale until 19th November. However, they are selling very quickly and it is advised that you get yours ASAP as there is a very limited stock... You have been warned!!

*Our Suki Advent Calendars have been a big hit so far! You are loving them as much as we are... If you want to join us on the countdown to Christmas, make sure you get your calendar now... stocks are very limited*

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  • Csroline
    Csroline on October 29, 2018

    Can I have this went to an address in Newtownards as a present? Cheers Caroline

    • Zoë McCullough
      Zoë McCullough on November 8, 2018

      Hi Caroline, yes this can be sent on to any address you wish - just enter the address into the delivery section on the website. Thanks, Zoë

  • Rachel bennett
    Rachel bennett on November 2, 2018

    Hi are you able to tell me what are the teas for each day as this waa going to be a gift for my parents but they are not very adventurous and dont want it to be a waste.
    Kind Regards Rachel Bennett

    • Zoë McCullough
      Zoë McCullough on November 8, 2018

      Hi Rachel! There will be a variety of teas in the advent calendar, it will include black teas, a few green teas, a fab white tea, some fruit infusions, some herbals and a couple of limited edition teas too.

  • Teresa Dunne
    Teresa Dunne on November 8, 2018

    Just wondering are all the teas in the calender vegan? No sneaky Milk or honey?

    • Zoë McCullough
      Zoë McCullough on November 8, 2018

      Hi Teresa, all our teas are Vegan friendly!!

  • Helen
    Helen on November 17, 2018

    I’ve received my advent calender and I love it! Just a quick question, each tea doesn’t seem to be labelled and I wondered how I can find out which tea is in each date in case I want to order it for in the future.
    Thank you

    • Zoë McCullough
      Zoë McCullough on November 19, 2018

      Hi Helen,

      We're happy that you love your advent calendar as much a we do! We can't wait until 1st December so you can find out what is hiding in the first box! We didn't want to make the contents of our little tea boxes too obvious... but the the back of the main box will show you the day and the tea that's inside. Hope this helps!

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