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Green Tea Ginseng

Tea of the Month for January

This Month, being January it is of course one of the healthier teas – this month it is Green Tea Ginseng!

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A distinctive and revitalising cup of green tea sencha with a subtle sweetness of pineapple balanced by earthy ginseng root and a hint of ginger.

Fresh and light, how green tea should be. 

Green tea should always be refreshing and light. Bringing in subtle flavours of ginger and pineapple, a classic taste combo we have introduced ginseng to this green tea for an extra bit of lift and to complement the warm ginger spice.

Whether you are a green tea beginner or a fan of green flavoured teas this one is for you, however you can shop the rest of our Green Tea range here. For anyone who finds green tea to be an acquired taste, temperature and brewing time are very important. Off the boil, or boiled then a dash of cold water added, brewing time should be up to but no longer than 5 minutes, we find 3 minutes to be perfect.

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