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Marks & Spencer lists Suki Tea’s unique Belfast Brew

Shoppers at Marks & Spencer stores in the UK and Ireland are set to experience the richly flavoured Belfast Brew tea from Suki Tea, Northern Ireland’s multi-award winning boutique tea blender.

Based in Belfast, Suki Tea is supplying the product in an innovative and exclusive packaging format to around 200 M&S food stores in what is the company’s first deal with a major multiple retailer.

Belfast Brew, blended initially by the company for the Northern Ireland market, has won a series of quality awards including UK Great Taste Awards and was subsequently chosen by foodservice operations including Patisserie Valerie across the UK.

“"While our focus has long been on foodservice, we always said we’d look at retailing especially with M&S. We’ve been selling on farmers’ market stalls and have a big following online, but the packaging was always something that had held us back, we jumped at the opportunity and decided to develop a unique packaging for them.”

"Winning business from such a prestigious retailer as M&S is an immensely important development for us in high-end retailing,” says Oscar Woolley, Suki Tea managing director. Marks & Spencer has been a target for us since the start of the business in 2005.


“What helped us to secure this hugely important business is the accreditations we have achieved such as SALSA and for ethical trading by conservation organisations such as the Organic Food Federation, Rainforest Alliance and the Fairtrade Foundation,” he adds.

Suki Tea was founded by Mr Woolley and business partner Annie Rooney in 2005 to focus on quality loose-leaf tea, fruit and herbal infusions, they recently enjoyed 10th Birthday Celebrations with the TEAm.


In addition to selling extensively in the UK and Ireland, the company now exports to Japan, Rwanda, Kenya, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium. The company also runs Ireland’s first and only Tea Academy at its Belfast base.

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  • A pullin
    A pullin on February 13, 2016

    What is the cost of suki breakfast tea in m&s?

    • Zoë McCullough
      Zoë McCullough on February 26, 2016

      Hey there! The Belfast Brew Pyramids are £5.00 in M&S!

  • Joyce Forder
    Joyce Forder on July 6, 2016

    Can you tell me where on the high street I can buy Suki loose fruit tea.I live at BD 6 1DR.

    Thank you Joyce Forder.

  • Jean Sadza
    Jean Sadza on September 24, 2016

    We love your tea just found out about you about a month ago.Great job and you are Irish look forward to trying more of your teas.Thanks.enjoy your day.Jean

  • Barbara
    Barbara on May 12, 2017

    Where can I buy suki peppermint tea in Edinburgh scotland

  • Maria Funnell
    Maria Funnell on August 1, 2017

    Hi - where can I buy Suki loose leaf Breakfast Tea in West Sussex?

  • mick
    mick on February 26, 2018

    As a happy Suki Tea drinker I thought I would chip in
    and propose an answer those last two "where can I buy"
    questions above.

    Simple answer - buy here on the suki website and the
    tea will come to you instead of you wasting precious
    energy going to the shops. If you live in the uk or Ireland
    it's most probably cold outside too.

    My own "work the system" approach would be to try and
    put a few items together to get the order up to above £40.
    If you are in the uk £40 is the magic number to bag
    yourself free delivery.

    Being the lazy philistine that I am, I prefer the handiness
    of a tea bag over loose leaf.

    Three 50 bag packs is about the right order to get it over £40.

    My own personal taste may be

    50 Belfast Brew ( a strong proper cup of tea )

    50 Peppermint ( the best peppermint tea I have tasted anywhere .. real zing and taste to it.
    Warning! Once you have tasted it it is hard to go back to common supermarket bought brands.
    They start to taste like they have been fobbing you off for years with weak flavour drained pre used tea bags )

    50 Earl Grey Blue Flower ( Something a little bit fancy for when the Queen comes to visit for afternoon tea )

    Do your own mix and match order to suit your own personal taste.
    Perhaps you may prefer a wider variety of tea and a smaller quantity of each etc.
    Each to their own.
    It is easy to see on the basket when then magic £40 is reached.
    Hit that and on the checkout page you will have an option to
    select FREE 2nd class Delivery.

    Being a little bit of a tight wad myself I like the idea of just
    investing in great tea and paying £0 for postage.

  • Monica
    Monica on January 4, 2019

    Do you know where I can buy Genmaicha green tea, loose leaf tea
    Please. I live in wexford

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