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Suki Teacember: Day 16 - Indian Spiced Chai

Zoë shows us how to make a Spiced Chai Latte - try one for yourself #YUM

Time to see what’s inside drawer 16…it's Indian Spiced Chai - the perfect cuppa for this time of year…

Our Indian Spiced Chai is an organic rich black tea, with exotic spices from India. It’s a blend of tea & spices inspired by a recipe Oscar (our Chief Leaf) got on his travels. Chai is the Indian word for tea. #greatwithmilk

Check out the video of Zoë making a delicious Spiced Chai Latte

Esme says “this tea is reminiscent of the Chai Masala served up by Chai Wallahs across the country, this cuppa casts me back to the few precious weeks I spend travelling India in 2010”.

Try it for yourself at:

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