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Sweet Matcha Energy Balls

Packed full of energy, with a caffeine boost from Matcha

 If you love green tea, you're going to love these tasty Matcha Green Tea Energy Balls. They're simple to make too and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks, perfect to curve those sweet tooth cravings as the sweet dates and rich cocoa powder combine nicely with the earthy high caffeine Matcha tea for a healthy afternoon snack!

Paleo-friendly, Vegan & Gluten free

What you’ll need to make Suki Tea Matcha energy balls

Makes approximately 10 balls

½ cup soft pitted dates

½ cup almonds

¼ cup cocoa powder

¼ cup coconut flakes

1 tsp Suki Tea Organic Matcha

1 tsp almond milk


  1. Add dates and almonds to a food processor, whizz up until they come together and form a sticky ball.
  2. Break up mix and add in cocoa powder, coconut flakes, Matcha tea powder and almond milk. Whizz up again until all ingredients have been combined and return to a large sticky ball.
  3. Roll the mixture out into 10 (or more) small balls and dust with Matcha powder.


Maybe you are new to Matcha and want to work out new ways to include this super powered green tea into your diet? Well Matcha makes a great addition to your slushies, smoothies, shakes, energy balls and even cakes! We love its versatility - check out how to prepare Matcha here... Have a go, experiment! We'd love to see your pics, share them with us below or over on our social channels using the #sukitea

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  • Carole Robinson
    Carole Robinson on January 17, 2018

    I am very tempted to try your Matcha tea, along with the recipe for Matcha sweet balls. However, I am unsure as to whether I would like the taste. Can you just buy a sample of it?

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