Classics such as black tea, green tea or herbal infusions may be hits all year round, regardless of the season, the weather or holiday period. However, as today’s consumers are becoming much savvier with their food and drink choices and how they spend their money, embracing seasonality when it comes to your tea menu is key to maintaining their interest and ensuring that they return time and time again to your establishment.

Seasonal hot drinks can add an important, dynamic element to your existing menu and are a great way for your café or restaurant to keep up with industry trends. While it is still important to maintain your core tea menu, switching up your menu with seasonal specials up to four times a year is a great driver for business from both current and new customers. Your loyal guests will renew their love of your establishment with time-limited offerings, and new guests will be inspired to come in because of the seasonal connection. Seasonal hot drinks help to create a sense of ‘must have’- as these teas are only likely to be offered for a limited time, demand is likely to be greater as once that particular season is over, the tea is likely to be unavailable.

Introducing seasonality to your tea menu will also help to create excitement among your staff, giving them the opportunity to sample and learn about new tastes and flavours and experiment with brewing techniques and recipes. The addition of seasonal specials to your core offering will provide your staff with the opportunity to up-sell tea and maximise transactional spend.  All of this combined with customer enthusiasm for a newly introduced seasonal tea will make for a much more motivated team.

Ok, so how do I get started on building my seasonal tea menu?

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