From 21st February to 6th March it is Fairtrade Fortnight. Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual campaign that fights for better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Fairtrade is one of the oldest and most widely recognised accreditation of ethics, we are proud to support Fairtrade Foundation, we at SUKI believe in People, Plant and Planet which is why we purchase Fairtrade Tea when and where possible.Behind your brew, real people face low wages, discrimination and the hard choices living in poverty can bring.

When you buy Fairtrade tea, farmers and workers can bring greater security, equality and opportunity to the lives of their families and communities as Annie and Zoë experienced when they visited Fairtrade Gardens in Rwanda, they got to see first hand how our Fairtrade tea makes a difference to their every day live.

Through Fairtrade, tea workers can improve their working conditions and learn how to improve the way they farm and manage their environment. They can make sure their children are fed and can go to school. Communities can invest in clean water and clinics, improving everyone’s health. The Fairtrade minimum prices allows tea pluckers on plantations to invest their Fairtrade Premium into community services such as housing, education and healthcare, this is their choice, the money is spent where they feel they need it.

One small change, has one big impact, make sure it’s Fairtrade!

You can help to positively change the lives of farmers and their families across the world but simply choosing Fairtrade products!

Our range of Fairtrade Tea:
Belfast Brew
Breakfast Tea
First Flush Darjeeling
Earl Grey Blue Flower

For more information you can visit the Fairtrade Foundation website or drop us an email to [email protected].