Father’s Day is just around the corner and we think it is the one day of the year that you really should be making your Dad a cuppa and sitting down with him. We know there is no one quite like dad and that every man is unique, so we’ve done our best to this if a few gifts for Dad that will suit your dad whatever his hobbies may be! Whether your pops loves a traditional brew or favours something a bit more adventurous, we’ve got all the tea gift suggestions covered.

Maybe Dad already has his favourite tea? His go to? Can't live without? Well you can find our full range of Teas here! We've got Black teas, Green teas, Fruits and herbal infusions and white & Oolong teas too - why  not get his usual then add an extra surprise in? Tantalize his taste buds with something new!

Keep Cup - Is Dad environmentally concious? Loves a take-away coffee but hates the idea of one-use plastic cup? Well these glass KeepCups will replace those disposable cups, they are a simple, handy way for Dad to enjoy favourite Suki Tea (or coffee) when he's out at his favourite coffee shop! These KeepCups are available in sizes small 227ml/8oz & medium 340ml/11oz.

Is Dad more of an Iced Tea Fan?? These new Iced Tea Jug could be the perfect gift for this time of year, you and Dad can make your Iced Tea in style this Summer! We are giving away free Iced Tea Samples when you purchase a Suki Iced Tea Jug to get you started on your Iced Tea journey this Summer, plus you can follow our blog for loads of exciting Cold Brew and Iced Tea recipes!

Camping style enamel Mug - taking Dad camping this weekend? Enjoy your hot tea and encapsulate the past with these cool camping mugs, these mugs are durable and oven proof everything you need for a travel camp mug!

Tea Subscription - Dad will receive a selection of loose lead tea delivered straight to his door every month - you can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.  Our expert Suki Tea Tasting Team will hand select 4 different blends of tea each month to send out to you, enough to brew up at least 40 cups of tea. All of our teas are exceptionally high quality and have been hand picked from all around the world. With an ever-growing range of over 50 loose leaf teas, there are endless surprise flavours that may be included in Dad's tea box, this could include black, green, white, oolong, rooibos, chai, pu'erh, herbal teas plus the next couple of months we have a few exciting new launches that we're sure Dad will love!

Super powdered Matcha Green Tea Gift Set this Matcha starter kit will provide Dad with everything he needs to boost his energy levels and help to focus his mind, the health benefits of Matcha are amazing!

Maybe Dad hasn't tried loose leaf tea before? In that case one of our range of Tea gift sets are the perfect gift to get him started in the world of loose leaf tea appreciationn we reckon he'll soon be a Tea fanatic! You can choose from a Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set, Pyramid Tea Gift Set or Build your own bespoke Tea Gift Set!

Still stuck? Still can't pick, don't fear a Suki Tea Gift Card will always be a winner!! The Suki Tea E-gift Card is available in amounts from £10 to £50 and redeemable across all items on our website, from teapots to teas, take the trouble out of choosing the perfect tea treat and let them get exactly what they want.