This month our Tea of the Month is a fruit infusion packed full of Berrys, a real summery drink and absolutely perfect for this time of year when you are thinking Sun, Sun, Sun, even if the Sun hasn't quite appeared yet! Well this Goji Berry & Pomegranate tea will be your new Summer fav, whether you are home or abroad these Summer months, this will be the drink of the Summer!!

Great hot, amazing cold and perfect with Gin! Hello, yes please!

The Tangy Pomegranate fruit accompanied by juicy Goji berries in this tea infusion creates a wonderfully refreshing, fruity and well balanced blend. If you were one of our Tea Subscription subscribers you would have received your pack of Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea in the tea treasures box and hopefully be with us on how fab this tea is! I mean look at all those fruit pieces!!

Goji Berry and Pomegranate Tea

Whatever the weather, this is the ideal drink this summer - Rain or shine, it's summer time with this Berry filled Iced Tea.


Suki Goji Berry and pomegranate tea

To brew this tea up hot, you simply brew 1 teapsoon (2.5g) of the fruit pieces per 200ml water. Always infuse in freshly boiled water, 98°C for about 5-8 minutes… enjoy!


Cold Brew, Gojiberry & Pomegranate

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea


Put the kettle on to Boil

Add one good spoonful of Goji Berry & Pomegranate to the teapot, next pour the boiling water and leave to Brew for 8 - 12 minutes (depending on desired strength)

In this time, add plenty of ice and the sliced fruit to your serving glass

Pour the freshly brewed Goji Berry tea over the ice, enjoy!


Tea Cocktails

What you'll need for this iced tea cocktail

Simply put two scoops of Goji Berry & Pomegranate tea into a glass, add a healthy shot of your favourite  gin, allow the tea & Gin to infuse for two to three minutes, next you'll need to strain out the Gin through a cup infuser to remove the pieces of tea, lastly add ice and top with tonic! Now sit back, shades on & sip!


Goji Berry & Pomegranate Iced Tea Ice Lolly

What you’ll need for this Iced Pop

Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea

1 Pomegranate to decorate


Iced Lolly Moulds

Suki Teapot


Wash and prepare the pomegranate add a few spoonfuls to each mould (I put mine all at the end, but you could spread this out, by adding some half way and then a little at the end...after it has slightly frozen of course!)

Next, brew a pot of the Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea, leave for about 6 -7 minutes to let the flavour really come out, allow the tea to cool.

Pour the cool brewed Tea into the moulds to about half way, top with Lemonade...

Pop them in the freezer until fully frozen, once frozen, remove the moulds from the freezer, run warm water over the ice lolly moulds for about 10 seconds, this should (hopefully) let ice lolly slide out? Now snap us a pic and ENJOY!!*

Now it is up to you guys to have fun experimenting with the different flavour combinations....once you do, share a snap with us on social media, why not use hashtag #SukiIcedTea... I'll share mine over there now !