Well it's official....we are TEENAGERS!! 13 TODAY!!

Happy Birthday to us!

Oscar Woolley & Anne Irwin signed on the dotted line 13 years ago today and Suki Tea was formed... We thank them for being brave and taking that leap into the (mostly) unknown and bringing each of us some of the best tea this planet has to offer. I asked Oscar to reflect on the last 13 years....

"In 2005 I decided to devote my life to Tea. Today is a time for celebration and reflection. Bubbles are on ice to toast the start of our 14th year in business as Suki Tea. A teenager again! Better dust off my skateboard.

I recently heard someone say there are only three bones in your body that are needed to run a business:

A wish bone to dream, a back bone to get on with the work, and a funny bone to laugh it off when it gets tough. That couldn’t be truer, it gets tough! Sure, that’s all part of the adventure.

My life has always been full of adventure and creativity so naturally that didn’t stop when Suki Tea was created. In fact it inspired it and continues to feed it. A strong work ethic from early days of selling 2nd hand Beano’s on the local flea market when I was 6yo fuelled the drive to try all sorts of employment as soon as I could work. I’ve been assistant to chefs, photographers, sculptors, painters & set designers as well as the more niche jobs like working on a rose farm and being an artists life model. Then I met Annie, a person willing to challenge an industry that sells the 2nd most drank liquid on the planet. Annie & I were pals and had our very own appreciation society of fine wines and whiskeys so discussions about food and drink were commonplace at dinner parties and the chat about tea happened very organically amongst our closest group of friends. I found my love in food and design so naturally 13 years ago, when we started Suki Tea with the money in our pockets this variety of experience gave the business great foundations.

What makes a tea company stand out and become great? Strong leadership helps but it really comes down to the team and as diverse as they are, they all have a commonality, great values. It helps to have a passion for good food, ingredients, exciting flavour profiles, backed up by the shared knowledge of origin, good ethical values  and a sense of adventure. Each of these in equal measures is the recipe to our success.

Suki TEa am selfie

I am continually surprised and excited by the tea and coffee industry, this definitely feeds my drive to work in growing and nurturing Suki Tea each and every day. We are so excited about what lies ahead of us, we know won't be short of an adventure! I am lucky enough to have met some truly amazing people along the way and continue to creating many more friendships in the future!

A big thanks must go to you guys, each and every one of our customers, from the bigger guys to the little guys to all the at home drinkers! We thank you for supporting us over the years and here's to many more years of great tasting tea...

I'll leave you with this...my favourite quote from Billy Connolly:

‘never trust a man, who, if left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on’ Love that! A great motto to live by, mine is little simpler . . . . Be curious." 

Oscar Signature