To get you started on a journey of Iced Teas, we've outlined a general method which you can apply to each tea...

Cold Brewing Method

Loose Leaf Cold Brew
Place 8g tea leaf into the Suki teapot strainer, fill up with cold water as you would do with hot water, making sure the tea leaves are soaked in water. Refrigerate overnight, add to your serving glass full of ice and Enjoy!

Pyramid Tea Bag Cold Brew
Take one pyramid bag, place into water bottle or (the perfect) cold brew jug (whatever you want to serve the Iced Tea from), Pour 1 - 1.5 L cold water, Stir well, allow to refrigerate overnight, add to your serving glass full of ice and enjoy!

Hot Brewing Method

Loose Leaf Iced Tea
For one Jug of Iced Tea - add 8g of loose leaf tea to the jug, gently pour 1 cup of hot water first onto the tea leaves, next add 3 cups of cold water, place in the fridge and let it brew, usually for 2 - 6 hours dependent on desired strength. Pour tea over ice cubes and Enjoy!

As you already know PepperBerry Iced Tea is a firm favourite at Suki HQ but this month is about exploring the world of cold brew - don't worry if it's your favourite you can still find that iced tea recipe here!

You can find a whole range of our Suki Iced Tea Recipe suggestions here! Let us know which ones you try, for me this weekend it'll be Goji Berry and Pomegranate Cold Brew (amazeballs!) Happy Brewing!!