On a hot Summers day what could be more refreshing than an ice cold glass of your favourite tea? Well this June is National Iced Tea Month, you might remember at Suki HQ we have celebrated Iced Tea month below by putting up a new Iced tea recipe every day, well this year we've decided to take on that challenge again, we're going enjoy a different Iced Tea or Cold Brew Tea each day throughout June, of course we'll share the recipes with you along the way! If you guys have any suggestions for recipes then please leave us a comment below!!

To get you started on a journey of Iced Teas, we've outlined a general method which you can apply to each tea...

How to make Iced Tea 

For one Jug of Iced Tea - add 8g of loose leaf tea to the jug, gently pour 1 cup of hot water first onto the tea leaves, next add 3 cups of cold water, place in the fridge and let it brew, usually for 2 - 6 hours dependent on desired strength. Pour tea over ice cubes and Enjoy!


Cold brew tea everywhere right now! Could it be your new drink of the Summer? with so many different varieties to choose from, begin your Cold Brew Tea journey with Suki Tea today...

How to make Cold Brew Tea 

It's so easy, give it a go this weekend!

Loose Leaf Cold Brew: Steep a few scoops of your choice of loose leaf tea in cold water for 24 hours in a fridge at less than 5oC. After that remove the steeped tea leaves from the jug and serve over fruit ice cubes! Enjoy any remaining cold brew tea for the next 24 hours!

Pyramid Tea Bag Cold Brew: Take one pyramid bag, place into water bottle or (the perfect) cold brew jug (whatever you want to serve the Iced Tea from), Pour 1 - 1.5 L cold water, Stir well, allow to refrigerate overnight, add to your serving glass full of ice and enjoy!

Goji Berry cold Brew - suki tea polska