Lapsang Souchong is a Black Tea from China famous for it's super smoky aroma and flavour. This tea has been dried over cedar wood fires and that is what gives it it's intense smokey flavour. It is a popular tea today, but is definitely an acquired taste. Unfortunately due to supply and regulation issues this tea is out of stock on our website. Currently all lapsang tea that is coming from China into the EU has residues due to the process of smoking of the tea - this is currently non-compliant with EU standard. The Tea producers are aware of this and working hard to resolve the problem, as this lapsang souchong tea comes from a specific region in China and is processed and smoked in a particular way, we are unable to source a replacement.

An alternative of Lapsang Sounchong Tea is hard to come by as most other teas will not have the intense smoky flavour - so if you are lucky enough to still have a cupboard stocked of Lapsang tea, drink it wisely!!