This month we have been talking a lot about Matcha. There's tons of articles online that highlight the numerous health benefits associated with the powdered green tea goodness. So, we decided to put Matcha to the test. The 'Suki Matcha Challenge' was created and a number of the Suki team pledged to have a daily drink of Matcha for two weeks.

Throughout the challenge, we drank Matcha in lots of different ways. From shot to latte and even fruit smoothie, however for many of us, we ended up preferring to take the Matcha shot prepared similar to that of an espresso each day. Although Annette and Julie preferred to enjoy theirs in a Matcha latte. The Team agreed that the tastiest way to enjoy Matcha was by adding it to apple juice as the sweetness of the juice balanced out the umami flavour of the matcha tea perfectly.

There are many ways you can include Matcha in your diet, so far we have put some recipes to the test - these are our favourites and recipes that are worth sharing; Matcha hot chocolate, Matcha Pavlova, Matcha Pancakes, Matcha Energy Balls, Matcha Mojito Slushie

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Once the challenge was finished we sent a questionnaire to all the Matcha Challengers and the results are in!

The Suki Matcha Team reported that during the Matcha Challenge they:

  • Drank less coffee
  • Felt more energised
  • Were motivated to make healthier choices
  • Snacked less
  • Had increased energy levels
  • Slept better
  • Noticed clearer and sharper cognitive function
  • Were more productive
  • Had clearer skin

"Having a Matcha shot is one of my daily rituals. It takes a few minutes but the effects last for hours. I enjoy using the hand made bamboo whisk and the traditional Matcha bowl, both hand made in Japan. It’s extra special that I’ve met the matcha producer recently". - Oscar

"I am definitely feeling the benefits of my daily Matcha. I feel a lot more focused and alert, with more energy throughout the day. I will definitely continue to drink Matcha every day!!". - Hannah

"As a non–coffee/caffeine addict I was wary at first but also excited to take on the challenge,. It was a nice opportunity for different departments to gather together for 5 minutes and relax! I enjoyed the slight buzz and heightened sense of feeling & can now understand how people are addicted to coffee.I thoroughly enjoyed watching the journey of Matcha and was impressed with the many methods it could be made"- Patrick

"I was dubious that Matcha would make me feel any different. By the end of the challenge, I felt more productive in work and my head was much clearer. I am keen to continue a Matcha a day!". - Amy

 The whole team have said they would recommend the 'Matcha Challenge' to friends and family. Almost all of us now plan on including matcha in our diets and we are going to try to keep drinking a daily dose of Matcha in Sui HQ. I guess you could say we're all hooked!

As you are consuming the whole tea leaf you receive 10 times as many nutrients and benefits as drinking a cup of regular loose leaf green tea. It's a great way to cut down on coffee and an easy way to make a small healthy choice each day. Why not give it a go? It definitely does provide noticeable positive effects.

Want to know more about Matcha? Get some more info here!

Did you take part in the 'Matcha Challenge'? Let us know if you noticed a difference and what your favourite Matcha drink is!