We have come to the end of our 2 week matcha challenge. We had so much fun doing it and loved seeing everyone joining in. Now that it is over it's time to round up our matcha challenge results and find out the truth.. Did it really work?

Throughout the 14 days we tried out a new recipe each day, from matcha breakfast bowls to matcha coconut cups, we experimented with it all. The Matcha Iced Tea was a favourite here at SUKI HQ.

Matcha Iced Tea

You have probably heard a lot about matcha, it's an interesting and very different type of green tea. Matcha contains the entire green tea leaf, giving it a higher concentration of green tea antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and fibre. Did you know the caffeine levels found in matcha would equal about half the levels of a cup of coffee, however the key thing is the slow release energy you get from a cup- a method which releases the caffeine into the body gradually over 6-8 hours. Swapping regular tea or coffee for Matcha can result in sustained energy and help you to increase and maintain your focus throughout the day.

We have all read the articles and the ongoing list of health benefits matcha has to offer. But don't just take our word for it, here's what our matcha challengers had to say.

Here at SUKI HQ we got some feedback too!

"I wasn't sure about matcha before. I know all about the health benefits and how great it is but it was the taste that I disliked. However, after day 2 I had adjusted and enjoyed the challenge. I definitely felt a difference and felt more productive in work. I looked forward to getting my dose of matcha each day. I think I'll try to swap a coffee or two a week for matcha " - Grace

"This was my second year taking part in the matcha challenge and I enjoyed trying loads of new recipes. My favourite is always matcha with apple juice!" -Zoe

"I am a big matcha fan, it is actually already a daily ritual of mine, but I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and getting to try out some new tasty ways to enjoy it. I was surprised at how good matcha tasted in so many different ways, especially the matcha and white chocolate muffins!" - Patrick

"I am currently training for a 5K run and have really felt a difference in my performance over the last 2 weeks. I have felt more energetic and a lot more focused. It has given me motivation and will definitely be keeping it up" -Oscar

Matcha Vanilla Latte

There we have it.. the results are in and they are all positive! Matcha is a winner in the tea world. It really is a superhero, it's benefits are endless.

Don't worry if you missed our 2 week challenge. You can find all the recipes we followed here. You can start whenever suits you! Don't forget to tag us @sukitea or #sukitea on social media if you give it a go, we'd love to hear how you get on.