Not all teas are created equal, and not all powdered green tea can be called 'Matcha'. The Japanese missed a trick by not assigning their precious "Matcha" with Geographical Indication, but they are working on it!

Authentic ceremonial grade Matcha, like Suki's select offering, is shade grown for 21 days in April, as soon as the tea bushes begin to wake up after the winter rest. This shading cuts out about 90% of sunlight, reducing the polyphenols in the young buds and leaves reducing the bitterness. Pure Matcha is renowned for its seaweedy, vegetal and balance of sweet and bitter, giving it that umami taste.

The shading of the tea leaf for up to 21 days before the spring harvest increases the chloryphyll in the leaf - giving it that vibrant jade green depth of colour and packing it full of antioxidants. This shading process also results in more L-Theanine - a wonderful amino acid with calming properties that gives you that invigorating alertness, clarity of mind and ultimate relaxation after a good cuppa, which works in perfect harmony with Matcha's slow release energy, the natural caffeine kick.

After 21 days shade, the tea is harvested, steamed to arrest the oxidation process, dried and then the stalks and fibres are removed, leaving only the fleshy leaf - this is called Tencha. The Tencha is then ground to a fine powder on stone grinders - very VERY slowly (it takes 1 hour to make 30-40g!)

Once the Matcha tea is ground and reaches our cup we actually consume the tea leaf, instead of simply infusing it and removing the leaves, this mean that Matcha packs a punch like no other, you are ingesting all the goodness, Matcha green tea actually boasts the highest known value of cell-protecting antioxidants in any natural product! YES please!!

We have a range of delicious recipes ready to help you incorporate our Matcha in to your life. It is very versatile, it makes a great addition to slushies, smoothies, shakes, energy balls and even cakes! of course you can still enjoy it the more traditional way as a latte or a punchy shot!