Matcha isn’t the easiest tea for people to enjoy, but it has sooooo many health benefits. It isn’t a new fad, in fact it has been a popular drink in Japan for the past 900 years. Buddhist monks use it to focus during meditation and students use it during examination periods.

As you are consuming the whole tea leaf you receive 10 times as many nutrients and benefits as drinking a cup of regular loose leaf green tea.

Just 1 shot (1g) of Matcha per day can make you feel so much better, this is equivalent to an espresso shot of coffee and should be treat the same way - as a single, a double, latte, with hot water... One shot can help you feel more energised, give clearer cognitive function, help with concentration and improve memory, as well as the benefits for your skin, hair and nails you'll hopefully see an elevated mood. So with all this we are definitely giving it a go this year!

Matcha has a strong, unique flavour. By itself, some of us may not be too found of its strong, distinctive flavour, so it's the health benefits that make it a super hero! We have been spending some time trying to make really tasty recipes, to make sure you all enjoy drinking this powerful, green tea. - smoothies, lattes, milk shakes, add it to yoghurt, iced tea, smoothie bowls. Interested in learning more about Matcha tea? We've put together this blog post to help answer any Matcha related questions you might have!

Zoë, Hannah, Annette, Davy, Emma, Patrick and Oscar have all decided to put Matcha tea to the test, to see what all the fuss is about and find out if it really does make a difference. Today we started the Suki Matcha Challenge;  everyday for next two weeks we will each drink a shot of Matcha - some of us replacing our usual morning coffee and others (who can't give up the coffee) will have their Matcha in the afternoon... keep an eye here and on our social channels for regular updates of how we are getting on and how we feel each day!

Fancy doing the Suki Matcha Challenge along with us? Well you can - if you order your 30g tin of Suki Matcha this week, we'll send you a Matcha shaker free with your order - meaning you can take your Matcha with you.


2 Week Matcha Challenge:

Day 1: Straight shot of Matcha (Just whisk Matcha powder in hot water) Then down it!

Suki Matcha tea shot

Day 2: Most of us decided the Matcha shot is the best way- just get it down in one. However, today Anette decided that she would rather enjoy her Matcha in latte form with a dash of vanilla syrup. We think it looks good!

Suki Matcha Tea LatteDay 3: The Matcha Challenge has got everyone at Suki HQ talking, today everyone decided to give it a go! We thought we would try it the traditional way today. We drank our Matcha shots straight from the Chawan (a traditional bowl used to prepare Matcha).

Matcha bowl croppedDay 4: More and more of the team are willing to take part in our Matcha Challenge - we're making 10 this morning!! Today we've opted for Matcha with cloudy apple juice - adding a little sweetness to our day... How did you take yours?

Suki matcha challenge day 4Day 5: The Matcha with apple juice was such a big hit with all of the team yesterday. Everyone was demanding it again today. A really delicious way to incorporate your daily dose of Matcha… even the Matcha skeptics really enjoyed this!

Suki matcha challenge day 5

Day 6 & 7: We all took our little tins of Matcha home over the weekend. It was a case of free-style. Let us know how you choose to drink your daily Matcha?

Day 8: We started our Matcha challenge 1 week ago. There is a general consensus at Suki HQ that we are all feeling the positive benefits of Matcha. Improved concentration and more energy, just what we all need to keep us productive in the office and warehouse.

Today we decided that we would try something different and have a Matcha & Coconut Latte.

matcha latte 1

Day 9: As Matcha with apple juice was such a big hit in the office, today we thought we would mix our Matcha with apple, cucumber and mint juice for a bit of differentiation. It was delicious!

matcha day 9

Day 10: We tried a new recipe today! Matcha, blueberry & banana milkshake. You can add a scoop of Matcha to your favourite milkshake for a boost of nutrients and antioxidants.

Matcha, blueberry, banana milkshake

Day 11: Today we decided to go back to taking the good, old Matcha shot. For many of us, we feel that this is the most beneficial way to consume Matcha. However, some others in the office definitely prefer the Matcha Latte.

matcha shot 1 crop

Day 12: Another day, another Matcha shot. The Suki Tea-m are really enjoying getting together every morning to prepare and drink our Matcha shots. For a lot of us, it has just became a normal part of our day and each of us are noticing positive changes. I think a lot of us will continue to drink Matcha daily after the challenge!matcha team

Day 13: We're almost at the end of our two week challenge and so far we have noticed so many positive effects from our daily cuppa Matcha. It has definitely made us all a lot more productive by boosting our energy levels.
Matcha blog 2
Day 14: We've made it to the end of our 2 week Matcha challenge and we're definitely all convinced that Matcha works wonders. We're having our Matcha first thing at our desks this morning as it definitely promotes clear thinking and boosts productivity.

matcha challenge

We've sent a questionnaire to all our Suki Matcha challengers to gather some feedback, keep an eye out on the blog to see how our 2 weeks of drinking Matcha made us all feel.

Don't worry you can join in anytime along the way - make sure to upload a photo of your Matcha and don't forget to tag us @Sukitea #SukiTea. Keep up an eye here for all our updates and we'd love to hear how you feel? Has it made a difference? Are you enjoying the taste? Are you going to keep it up throughout 2019?! Let us know below!