Today we had two very special guests in Suki HQ! Suki Tea Managing Director, Annie's two daughters, Mary (10) and Esther (8) joined us for a day of all thing tea at Suki Tea HQ today. They helped us decorate the office and turned it into Santa's grotto, they added some of their own artwork to all our desks and they created some amazing tea blends for us to try!

Esther Tea Reindeer

Their tea blending careers got off to a great start by creating four new teas for us to taste.... The girls spent all morning mixing different flavours and working out what smelt and looked the best, then they invited us in to their professional tea tasting session.

Mary talks the tasting team through her new Suki teas

The girls talked us through their beautiful creations and gave us their tasting now, we all tried each blend and picked two winners!

Mary created four special blends for us to taste test, these included: 

  • Coconut Rock - Black tea base with coconut and cocoa nibs
  • Mango Smoothie - Mango, Strawberry & Banana creating a Tropical taste
  • Lime Green Mint - Green tea spearmint base with the addition of lime
  • Winner Tea - Earl Grey with blue flower with coconut slices

New suki blends from Mary (9)

Mary created new tea at Suk HQ

Mary tasting her new Suki Teas

Esther also created four special blends of her own, these included:

  • The Yummiest - a fruit infusion with a strawberry base
  • Rosie Rooibos - Rooibos leaf base with the addition of beautiful full roses
  • Coconut Rock - black tea, with cocoa nibs and strawberry pieces
  • Stroberry mMm - a green tea base with strawberry pieces added

Esther showing off her new teas at Suki HQ

Esther picks her favourite new suki tea

Our favourite of Mary's new blends was a unanimous decision among the tasting team - it was Coconut Rock, which was a black tea base, blended with coconut and cocoa nibs!

Next we selected our favourite from Esther's blends, this was a little tricky and was between Rosie Rooibos which was a Rooibos base blended with beautiful rose buds and Stroberry mMm which had a green tea base blended with strawberry pieces, in the end we loved how pretty the Rosie Rooibos was and it tastes great too!!

Coconut Rock Or Rosie Rooibos?

Who knows, maybe we'll launch Coconut Rock and Rosie Rooibos in the New Year!! Let us know which you'd like to try in the New Year by commenting below...