As Christmas is fast approaching we are very excited for our November Tea of the month! Mint Choc Chai! This chocolate and mint infusion is so full of flavour... Think Mint Aero and After Eights (without the calories).

Initially you get a beautiful chocolate flavour with peppermint notes to follow, and being a chai this blend has our favourite spicy undertones throughout. A smooth, creamy cup to cosy up with this Christmas. This absolutely delicious tea is a must try!

Suki Mint choc Chai


Use freshly drawn boiled water. Infuse one tea scoop of  Mint Choc Chai per pot (one heaped teaspoon per cup) and brew for 3-5 minutes. Some of us like it with milk, others don't - it's your call!


Add milk and one heaped tsp of Mint Choc Chai into a tea sac or tea cup infuser then place into a saucepan and heat on medium until warm. Reduce heat and infuse for 5 minutes. Strain, to remove the tea mixture. Return milk to the saucepan and add good quality chocolate pieces. Stir until the chocolate has melted. Then enjoy!


Place one heaped teaspoon of Mint Choc Chai into a tea sac or tea cup infuser and infuse in a small cup of freshly boiled water (roughly the same amount as a double espresso shot). Brew for up to 8 minutes. Steam some milk and combine with the brewed tea, serve with a cinnamon stick.

Keep an eye on our tea blog as we have a few recipes which you could try too; tea is such a versatile ingredient it is well worth experimenting with...

Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our lovely Suki customers have to say about this tea on Feefo:

  • "Lovely chai with a twist. The flavours are identifiable though subtle.
  • Think this will be my favourite."
  • "Delicious! So good, perfect combination of flavours."

November is the perfect time to try this tea for yourself as it is half price... We are sure you're going to love it as much as we do!