Cold brewing is one of the most elusive, yet simplest of all chilled-tea brewing methods. Cold-brewing is so easy and delicious, it draws out a slightly different flavour profile to your usual tea blends, but some say that serving tea cold draws out the flavour better, and is healthier too. So it is definitely worth your while experimenting with!

Generally, iced tea made using the cold brew method is less bitter, if you find that you do want more flavor from your cold brewed iced tea that you initially get, simply increase the amount of loose leaf tea.

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea

1 pack Red Berry Tea

1 Iced Tea Jug (coming to our website soon!)

1 Measuring Spoon

1 bag of Ice

Cold Brewing Method
Place 4 scoops of red berry tea into an iced tea jug, fill up with cold water as you would do with hot water, making sure the tea leaves are soaked in water. Refrigerate overnight... this will allow your cold brewed tea to be rich in taste & aroma.

Add to a serving glass full of ice, garnish and enjoy! Easy!

If you guys have any suggestions for iced tea or cold brew recipes for us throughout National Iced Tea Month (more recipes there too!) just leave us a comment below or email [email protected] and of course if we feature yours you could find something nice in the post!