A classic blend and a stunning iced tea - the all time Suki favourite, our Apple Loves Mint Tea, those rose buds are the perfect garnish!

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea

1 pack Apple Loves Mint

Mint Leaves

Apple to garnish

1 Suki Teapot

1 Measuring Spoon

A Kettle

1 Jug of Ice


Put the kettle on to Boil

Add two good spoonful of Apple Loves Mint to the teapot

Add the boiling water and leave to Brew for 8 minutes

In this time, add plenty of ice, the mint leaves & the sliced apple to your serving glass

Pour the brewed tea over the ice, add a few rose buds to garnish - Tadah, a beautiful drink to enjoy!

Look where our Apple Loves Mint got to this week.....it's the Bushmills Distillery! Hmm I wonder what these two local products would be like together......watch this space!!

Apple Loves Mint Iced Tea

If you guys have any suggestions for and iced tea or a cold brew throughout National Iced Tea Month, just leave us a comment below or email [email protected] and of course if we feature yours you could find something nice in the post!