Black Tea & Peach = the perfect iced tea combo

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea

1 pack Breakfast Tea


Agave (if desired)

1 Suki Teapot

1 Measuring Spoon

A Kettle

1 serving glass with Ice/Iced Tea Jug


Put the kettle on to Boil

Add two spoonfuls of Breakfast tea into the teapot

Add the boiling water and leave to Brew for 7 minutes

In this time, add the wedges of peach and add the agave here to sweeten the tea

Then add plenty of ice to your serving glass. pour the freshly brewed tea over the ice & peach, enjoy!

If you guys have any suggestions for iced tea, cold brew or even cocktail tea recipes for us to try throughout National Iced Tea Month (more recipes there too!) just leave us a comment below or email [email protected] and of course if we feature yours you could find something nice in the post!