Ok so we may not be strictly sticking to the exact plan of 30 iced tea recipes but hey, it's along those lines - iced tea ice pops - perfect!

What you’ll need for this Iced Tea

Suki Tea of your choice (go wild!)

Fruit to decorate

A sweet addition - honey, agave, maybe even lemonade?

Iced Lolly Moulds

Suki Teapot


Wash and slice your fruit then add 1-3 slices to each mould

Next,brew a pot of Suki tea, you will probably want to add a little sweetness here, try honey or sugar syrup, allow the tea to cool and then pour over the fruit slices into the ice lolly moulds.

Pop them in the freezer until fully frozen, once frozen, remove the moulds from the freezer, run warm water over the ice lolly moulds for about 10 seconds, this should (hopefully) let ice lolly slide out? Now snap us a pic and ENJOY!!

Now it is up to you guys to have fun experimenting with the different flavour combinations....once you do, def share a snap with us on social media, why not use hashtag #SukiIcedTea ?!!

Next on my list to try is the Goji Berry & pomegranate and then I think i'll try Red Berry - let us know what your favs are!

Happy Experimenting!