As always our latest trade offer features 3 of our fabulous teas at a special package price for both foodservice and retail customers.

This Spring we've included a black, white and green tea - designed to keep a variety of tastebuds happy!

The Spring bundle includes:

  • Earl Grey Blue Flower,
  • White Tea Elderflower and;
  • brand new Green Tea Lemon.

Suki Tea Green Tea Lemon

Green Tea Lemon

Our brand new citrus blend has been an instant success, so if you haven't tried it yet this is your chance!

SERVE: Best brewed in lower temperatures (70 - 80°) or with a dash of cold water first.
TASTES: Sweet, Lemon, Golden


Earl Grey Blue Flower

One of our most popular teas, the triple certified, hand-blended Earl Grey Blue Flower is a vibrant twist on a classic tea!

SERVE: Brew in freshly drawn boiled water. With or without milk.
TASTES: Delicate Bergamot, Dry, Light Citrus

white-tea6 White Tea Elderflower

Our White Tea Elderflower is a beautiful blend of delicate florals with an aroma of peach and champagne. Serve on it's own or wonderful as part of a cocktail! Just check out our Elderflower fizz recipe here.

SERVE: Best brewed in lower temperatures (70 - 80°), with a dash of cold water first or even iced.
TASTES: Silky, Woodland, Peach

Seasonal Spring Special Pricing
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