There are many perks to working at SUKI, an amazing team, as many tea breaks as you want and home-made cake Mondays are a particular favourite of mine . . . but the greatest part of the job has to be travelling to source.  

SUKI Editons - limited tea range

Annie & I both love adventure. We share a wild curiosity for new experience and travel so, when SUKI was founded, we agreed that journeying to source was a must to give us the opportunity to tell you first-hand about the origin and processing of each tea.  We have always been serious about our responsibilities and that’s why we hold ourselves to the high standards of independent certification when sourcing our teas. We visit the far corners of the earth specifically to seek these teas, and we have even hand-picked some of the leaves you might be tasting. By visiting the source and playing a part in the process, SUKI Tea Makers can truly stand over the taste and quality.  

So, what are EDITIONS and why are they so special?  

Welcome to the launch of SUKI EDITIONS, a seasonal, limited edition, rare tea project. SUKI EDITIONS range is the result of our obsessive mission to source the best teas on the planet, no matter how scarce. We’re bringing this to you as we think you might enjoy what SUKI EDITIONS encompasses - the taste of something so very special. 

Why try EDITIONS?  

SUKI EDITIONS can be a rare tea from a small garden (AKA Microlot) which offer an extremely high quality, hand-picked tea from a specific plot in a tea garden, carefully processed by the expert Tea Master. Rare in nature and often limited in supply, the cream of the crop. Guaranteed to deliver a unique taste experience, Editions teas can be traced the entire way from farmer to cup which allows for absolute transparency in quality, authenticity, and the production process. 

What are we launching first:  

Our first two delicious teas are from India, a First Flush Darjeeling and Second Flush Assam. Nothing is ever quite as expected when travelling to India. A land of amazing diversity and contrast from the humid flat lands of Assam to neighbouring heights of Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas. I’ve had the best and worst meals of my life, been lost in the metropolises and found peace in the hills and I’ve been lucky enough to travel the length and breadth of the country from Madurai to Darjeeling and Kolkata to Mumbai.  

Darjeeling First Flush:  

Ging 2022  

Finest First Flush Darjeeling harvested in March 2022 arrived in SUKI HQ a month ago. From the renowned Ging Tea Garden, one of the oldest tea gardens in the Darjeeling Hills which nestles in the Lebong valley in the Himalayas. A smooth and delicate cup with a hint of honeydew and tropical mango.  

Assam Second Flush: 

Tonganagaon 2021 

The premium pickings from our favourite garden Tonganagaon in the far east of the Assam region. Second flush is the pick of choice for these leaves as they hold the best flavour and deliver that characteristic malty body. Harvested using organic cultivation, this gives a robust and malty cup with a lingering sweetness.   

New launches seasonally  

By choosing SUKI EDITIONS, not only are you buying something exceptional, but you’re also trying rare and exquisite teas that will only be available for a limited amount of time. Many of these teas are seasonal and only a small amount produced annually. We only bring in a certain amount so when they’re gone. . . they’re gone.  

We hope you love these very special teas as much as we do. By following our carefully-crafted brewing instructions, you’ll quickly see in just a few sips why they’re so special. We’ll keep you up to date with exciting news of new SUKI EDITIONS being added to the range and highlight the limited availability of these specialities . . . .

Japanese green tea you say? . . . . .