You might notice your order contains some items that look a little different than you expected…

 We have undergone some changes and you are one of the first customers to receive our brand-new packaging – and better yet, it’s now plastic-free! You can read all about our brand new plastic-free packaging here!

Suki Tea Plastic Free Tea Packaging

 We’re very proud of everything we’ve accomplished but as we enter our 15th year in the industry we thought it was time to breathe some new life into Suki Tea; a new look for the same great tasting teas you know and love - you can read all about the all new SUKI look and feel here!

SUKI tea makers - NEW look SAME great taste

 Keep an eye out over the next few weeks and months and expect to see our new look popping up a lot! Be sure to share a pic with us - we can't wait to hear your thoughts! #sukiteamakers #sukitea @sukitea