Suki Teacember Day 4: Blood Orange Tea

It's that time again, time to open the next drawer on the Suki Teacember Advent Calendar...what's inside today? It's one (of nine) brand new blends: Blood Orange Tea! It is already proving to be a popular choice among our customers, it is great served hot or cold - a caffeine free tea which is great for kids - perfect!

Blood Orange Tea with Mince Pie

Today Gill and I are having it hot, I've just brewed us a lovely pot of Blood Orange Tea and as there is no one else in the office today we're going to enjoy this tea with a lovely Christmassy mince pie (and of course some cheesy Christmas tunes!) - a well deserved break!!

Why not try this new tea blend for yourself? Pick up a bag at the Belfast Christmas Market this weekend or alternatively bags start at £4.20 online.