Happy Friday!! Let’s see what we have inside drawer 18 today... oh yum! it’s our Dark Cocoa Tea.

This blend is made up of black tea with cocoa kernals and wow does it work! There is a real smooth rich chocolaty flavour of this cup! It's perfect for dessert, this chocolate flavoured black tea is hearty, rich, and tastes perfect when complementing baked custards, chocolate cakes, or even a rich, strawberry shortcake.

Zoë reckons you should replace your usual Irish Coffee with Irish Tea this year - check out the video below to see how she does it!


What you'll need to make an "Irish Tea" this Christmas

  • Dark Cocoa Tea
  • Irish Cream Liquer

Brew a lovely pot of dark cocoa tea, replace the milk with Irish Cream, sit back, relax & enjoy!

Merry Christmas!!