Today’s Teacember advent tea is…. Belfast Brew! A favourite for all the Suki Tea fans out there, this is a SUKI HQ staple, not a day goes by without every Suki employee having a cup!!

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This breakfast tea blend is available as a loose tea, but we've also put exactly the same loose leaf tea into big roomy pyramid bags, giving out lovely big leaves lots of room to swim around in your cup. All the convenience of a tea bag with the quality of whole leaf tea.

A wee while ago to celebrate the launch of the new pyramids, Esme and Zoë went to working creating something a little different compared to your normal cup of tea!!! Check out our Belfast Brew Irish Tea Brack Recipe here!

You can buy the Belfast Brew Loose Leaf or Pyramid tea from our online tea shop today and have it in time for Christmas (it's a terrible thing to run out of over the Christmas period!!