Chocolate and Rose buds? Of course this was always going to be February's tea of the month! The most romantic of all teas... It will be love at first sip!

An attractive deep dark look of black tea and cocoa kernels, highlighted with bright pink rose petals. Using cocoa as an indulgent starting point, then adding black tea, rose petals & natural rose oil - a stunning tea and a nod to the traditional chocolatey Turkish delight flavour that we know & love today.

Turkish Delight is indulgent, sumptuous and dangerously addictive, especially in tea form! But you can sip away until your heart's content as there's no calories!!!

If you haven't tried this tea yet, you'll be blown away with just how much this nostalgic flavoured black tea tastes exactly like the much loved chocolate bar! If you have tried it, you'll know exactly what we mean.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our customers said:

“The Turkish Delight tea is just exquisite!”

This tea is so moreish it’s fantastic

"A Beautiful tea. Roses and chocolate. One sniff calms my senses. The taste is sublime."

“This suki tea is amazing, a really brilliant aroma and the flavour is just what you expect! YUM!”

“This tea is awesome! Perfect ratio of black tea, cocoa and rose. Definitely tastes like turkish delight. This is definitely one to try!”

Turkish Delight will be half price the whole month of February- get yours for just £2.55. The perfect time to stock up if you love it, or try if you haven't already!

Brewing Instructions: Use freshly drawn boiled water. Infuse one heaped teaspoon per cup and brew for 2-5 minutes…Some of us like it with milk, others don't, add milk for a creamy, chocolatey cuppa!

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