As the weather begins to change and we move into May and hopefully some sunshine! We are looking forward to exploring the refreshing flavours of our lighter teas as well as the cold brews and Iced teas we have. So for May we've decided White Tea Elderflower is our tea of the month.

This white tea has very delicate flavour with floral, herbaceous, malty notes. The base of White peony tea is an amazing starting point, blending this with elderflower adds that delicate floral flavour we have all grown to love, plus naturally decorating the tea with pretty marigold blossoms makes it a stunning tea to look at as well as enjoy!

Great as an iced tea or with lemonade, also a perfect addition to that G&T you are dreaming of!

Zoë has tried this tea two ways for us and we're sharing the recipes below, one for the Iced version and one for something a little stronger...


What you’ll need for this Iced Tea


Put the kettle on to Boil

Add one good spoonful of the Suki white tea elderflower to the teapot, next add a little cold water to the Green Tea leaves (so you don’t scald the delicate leaf)

Add the slightly cooled boiled water and leave to Brew for about 7 minutes

In this time, add plenty of ice and the sliced lemon to your serving glass

Pour the freshly brewed iced tea over the ice, enjoy!


What you’ll need for this Iced Tea


This cocktail is so simple, all you need to do is brew a concentrate of the white Tea Elderflower, add a (healthy) shot of Vodka  to a tall glass with ice, top with Soda Water and  Garnish with lime for the perfect ElderFlower tea cocktail recipe for any weekend tipple!

This time of year is the perfect Season to give this new Tea a go - it's just £3.50 all month - try yours today!