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Award-winning, great tasting, big leaf tea - the perfect combo

Why Choose Suki Tea?

Award-winning, great tasting, big leaf tea - the perfect combo

Suki Teahouse began business as a new start up at St George’s Market in Belfast – where we retain a stall every weekend – and has since expanded to become a supplier to major retailers such as Dobbies and M&S, as well as many independent delis across the British Isles.  Suki Tea also services leading hotels including The Merchant in Belfast and many popular cafes including Patiserrie Valerie. The company has a portfolio of 46 products, a large proportion of which have won UK Great Taste Awards, and currently employs 19 people of which three have been Great Taste Judges over the past few years.

“Our ability to develop new products is being strengthened by the formation of Ireland’s first ever Tea Academy, which will enable us to train staff in retail and foodservice about tea and especially our products. We want them to appreciate the uniqueness of our products when selling or serving them to customers. In addition the academy will enable us to work personally with each of them on the development of bespoke 'own' blends for their customers,” Oscar Woolley, Chief Leaf.

Definition: Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas.New ideas and development of those ideas into successful commercial products is the lifeblood of Suki Tea. It’s the driving force that determines our direction and allocation of resources.

Anything is accepted as a new idea, anyone that sends through an idea that adds value is rewarded and involved in the creation of the new project. From new tea blends to the invention of a new teapot (of which Oscar is now a registered Inventor of such item!) no matter how small an idea everything is looked at.  

Have an idea and would love to see it happen??? Contact us today and if we love it - we'll do our best to invent it!! 

This is an idea that a friend of ours from CoCouture had. . . a green tea cherry chocolate! Lush. 

We at Suki Tea strive to grow our business in a sustainable way that respects and values people, plant and the planet. To operate responsibly, we hold ourselves to the high standards of independent certification.

Suki Tea advocates buying FAIRTRADE Tea and other Fairtrade products which helps to support communities in the developing world, promoting decent working conditions and fair pay for the workers and farmers and supporting local sustainability. In 2016 71% of our tonnage sold were Fairtrade teas from 5 producer organisations, equating to a contribution to the local communities throughout India, China and East Africa of approximately $45,000. This premium was used in projects like the supply of clean drinking water to 10,000 families in Sorwathe Tea Gardens and surrounding areas in Rwanda. School construction and bursaries for children of Tea plantation workers to attend secondary school and university, as well as diversification such as pig husbandry.

Within our range we have some more complex blends and recipes, meaning that not every product in our range can be sourced as Fairtrade. We are proud to report that 99% of our plain black, green and Earl Grey tea sales are Fairtrade Certified. Our aim is to reach 100% by January 2018. For more information visit the Fairtrade Website


Taste: Stimulate the senses; from the beauty of the whole tea leaf, delicate spices, real fruit pieces and freshly picked herbs, to the wonderful hues and exciting aromas. Sit back and relax as you discover the depth and intricate layers of flavour in each sip.

Experience: The ritual of brewing the perfect cuppa is one to be celebrated. The Suki Tea Experience is a moment of calm enjoying authentic, inspirational, real tea leaves in the perfect pot. Your personal tea moment should be one of enjoyment, cosy feelings and relaxation. A time to brew, time to unwind, time to be inspired.

Quality: Satisfying a continual appetite for quality teas, each blend we craft endures many taste trials and tweaks taking an exciting idea from fun creation to the ultimate sensory tea adventure.

Community: We have a responsibility to the Suki Team, our extended Suki Tea family and the global community to behave in a respectful, ethical and accountable way continuing to grow a virtuous company we can all be proud of.

Sustainability: As we strive for excellence in best business practice, a fundamental value of Suki Tea is responsible sourcing. We seek and nurture partnerships with tea growers who are as dedicated as we are to building better conditions and a sustainable future for their people, plant and environment.

Adventure: Something we hold dear is our adventurous spirit; this leads our team on a daily journey of discovery through continued learning on our path to excellence. We source, we create, we inspire.

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