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We recognise that sustainability action at source is only part of the picture. Here are some of the actions that we have taken to mitigate our climate change impacts and the efforts we are undertaking to continually improve and reduce our impact on the planet through doing business responsibly:


2.7 tonnes of plastic no more 😊 last year SUKI saving!

We had been searching for an eco-friendly packaging solution for many years with industry experts. One caveat was that it would have to guarantee the freshness and flavour of our blends. Over 2019/2020, we were delighted to succeed in our quest and removed 2.7tonnes of plastic packaging from going to landfill (over a 12-month period 2019 – 2020)!


We can’t stay still after delivering on home-compostable, plastic free packaging for all our teas. There is much work to do and our Environmental Team at Suki are analysing all aspects of our day to day operations and where we can make the greatest positive impact, working closely with suppliers for many years to reduce and/or minimise the use of plastics throughout the business, from accessories packaging to pallet wrap and the ongoing projects to complete the contact packaging picture such as plastic-free labels and pyramid envelope material.

We have some solutions underway in 2022 and look forward to updating you on our efforts. Please visit our Plastic Free Promise blog here (insert link)


Businesses have incredible powers and with that comes incredible responsibility. Suki Tea Makers are in a position to show leadership and radically change and influence both our network and consumer behaviours. We’re serious about our responsibilities and that’s why we hold ourselves to the high standards of independent certification and publicly state our efforts for a sustainable future.

Our first step in communicating our commitment was through taking the CLIMATE ACTION PLEDGE led by BITCNI, of which we are founding members of the Responsible Small Business Network in Northern Ireland. Businesses must play their part in ensuring a livable future and to limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5°C. By signing the Climate Action Pledge, we have committed to:

1) Measure and report on Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

2) Build the strategy as to how we plan to reduce our GHG emissions and meet the target to reduce it as a business by 30% by 2030.

3) Commit to measure and reduce our Scope 3 emissions.

We are pleased with the progress made through the combined passion and efforts of our TEAm in reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions thus far from our 2019 baseline by 15% in 2020. This is an ongoing journey for us and signing up to the Climate Action Pledge is just one measure of our commitment. In 2022 our Environmental Team at Suki are undertaking the Climate Action Programme to ensure we deliver on a net zero carbon strategy and take affirmative and long-lasting action, enshrined in everything we do as a business.


For the last four years SUKI Tea Makers have been taking part in the NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey, demonstrating that we are transparent and serious about internal reflection and identifying improvements throughout the business to continue to make a positive impact on the environment. The NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey is a way for us to seek independent verification to demonstrate our commitment to better environmental practice, show leadership, and encourage our business network to get involved, too. We are so proud to have been recognised as ‘Top Performing Small Business’ in 2021 and gained ‘Bronze’ status in the awards.


Proud of our achievements to date with our focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing, our roll out of plastic-free packaging, and our commitment to the Climate Pledge, we are now undertaking a 3-month long Climate Action Programme to hone our net zero carbon strategy to be published in 2022. We can’t wait to update you on that as the time is now to take action. Our MD, Annie, is a long-standing member of the Environmental Leadership Team who meet to discuss key environmental challenges and share knowledge and expertise that helps businesses and organisations across Northern Ireland take action that is better for the environment. This network of experts in industry are assisting us with our strategic planning for net zero carbon.

Environment Leadership Team | Business in the Community (