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Tea Kids Project


One Cup of Porridge, another step in the right direction

At SUKI, we believe in making a positive impact beyond 'Big Leaf Big Flavour' tea.

That's why we're proud to announce project TEA KIDS, our charitable initiative focused on providing nourishment and brighter futures for children in tea-growing communities for a fairer world. We are committed to making the UN Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

#SDG1nopoverty #SDG2zerohunger #SDG3 goodhealthandwellbeing #SDG4qualityeducation #SDG5genderequality

Let us introduce you to the heart-warming One Cup of Porridge project and how choosing SUKI does better for the tea community.

The One Cup of Porridge Project:

Every time you choose SUKI TEA you are helping us donate to Tea KidsTM ‘One Cup of Porridge’ program, providing pre-school tea kid children with a fortified cup of porridge as part of a hearty breakfast in a safe and nutritious learning environment. And in turn, enabling their parents, and especially mothers, to work knowing their children are in a safe, learning environment and are receiving a hearty breakfast. To date our donations have provided nearly 100,000 cups.

One Cup of Porridge project is based in one of most esteemed tea gardens that we source from in Rwanda. Through this initiative, we partner with local organisations in tea-growing regions to provide a daily cup of porridge to children in a pre-school environment. This vital nutrition helps supports healthy development and fuels their dreams. The TEA KIDS goal is to expand projects like One Cup further afield to other tea gardens and growing regions that we work closely with in our sourcing.

In tea-growing areas, communities face socio-economic challenges, and children often bear the brunt of food insecurity. By supporting TEA KIDS and the One Cup of Porridge project, we directly address this issue. Together, we strive to make a positive impact, ensuring that children have access to a nutritious meal, fuelling their potential for a brighter future.

Choosing SUKI Does Better:

When you choose SUKI TEA, you actively contribute to the well-being of the tea community. By supporting our brand, you join us in our commitment to ethical sourcing, fairly traded goods, and sustainability. We work directly with tea farmers, ensuring fair wages and supporting environmentally friendly practices. With SUKI, you make a conscious choice that does better for the tea whole community.

Empowering Tea Farmers:

SUKI TEA believes in empowering tea farmers and promoting social progress. Through fair trade practices, we build strong, sustainable partnerships, fostering long-term relationships based on mutual respect. By choosing SUKI, you become part of this journey, positively impacting the lives of tea farmers and their families. Together, we can create a more equitable tea industry.

We operate day to day aspiring to grow a community dedicated to making a difference. Your simple act of enjoying a cup of tea transcends boundaries, creating positive change and supporting the well-being of children in tea-growing communities. Together, let's raise our cups and spread the message of a brighter and more equitable future for all.