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Suki Tea boss Annie in Rwanda - that view

Today is International Women’s Day so we’re celebrating all the amazing female staff we have in Suki Tea whilst also looking to our wider community, for example the farmers and workers in Fairtrade and the many creative, ambitious ladies that have helped us on our journey. A day to reflect on the incredible achievements that women have made in the past and present, and to walk into the future knowing that one day we shall be considered equal. We are focusing on Annie, she is our #GirlBoss, an inspirational leader. Today, we celebrate, what an amazing job she has done in leading the way for us all at Suki Tea…

‘A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.’ – Irish Proverb

A strong woman is one who can dare to raise her voice for the cause she believes in, and has the strength and ambition to grow a company like ours. We salute you Anne Irwin! To show our appreciation and respect to where Annie has got today, we asked the team to write down a few words….

Annie has an abundance of compassion and a deep rooted care of duty for people which balances perfectly with her spirit of adventure towards life and leading Suki Tea. I’m thankful daily to have Annie as a partner and best friend.”

“Annie continues to drive the business forward with integrity and shows a sincere interest in others. I would just like to say that Annie was a great personal support to me through a difficult year.”

"Annie continues to inspire and amaze me daily, the way she works, how she juggles home life and work life with such grace, her focus and dedication to the job at hand is inspirational, a wonderful role model. Thank you Annie"

“Thank you for showing us how hard work and determination pays off. You juggle being a mum to 3 kids and being director of a company, being a director for you is not just about the hours you’re in the office but 7 days a week!”

“Would just be that in the short time I’ve been here, Annie has been so welcoming & encouraging, she has made me feel part of the team from day one.”

"Annie is great for helping to give you confidence and really believes in you. Pushes you to give more and better yourself, she cares about your personal development."

“Since joining Suki Tea in my many chats with Annie and seeing her in action doing talks and presentations, a few things stand out for me -

Her absolute passion for and knowledge of tea and her desire and motivation to impart this knowledge and passion to others whether it’s staff, suppliers, school children or the local community.

Annie always considers her staff needs and makes sure that staff remain a key priority.

Annie is all about Girl Power and a real supporter of women. Supporting women in the developing world through initiatives like Tools for Solidarity, an active member of Women in Business playing her role in ensuring that local women’s work in the business community is recognised, and also with her own daughters - encouraging them to believe that they can achieve their dreams (I think one of them wants to be an engineer after helping Annie to assemble IKEA furniture!)”

"More than family, friends for life & an easy boss to work for. Thank you for this inspired opportunity to succeed in life."

Anne Irwin Suki Tea Boss Lady

Happy International Women's Day to the great, inspiring women in our society. Grab a cuppa and celebrate them, each and everyone of the wonderful women who inspire us on a daily basis!

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