Tea, Fun, Money!

In 2005, Annie and Oscar set up a stand at a small Farmer’s Market in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Touring about the Island of Ireland they visited farmers markets and craft fairs and with the very generous help of their friends hit the music festival scene with their Tea & Toast set up. Having a strong brand identity and keeping true to their goals was the focus at this early stage. The business plan was. . . Tea, Fun, Money. 

And so it began…

Having both wandered through Asia, their eyes were opened to a world of really (really) good ethically-sourced teas, which they wanted to share with everyone. Launched with the aim to provide their customers with the finest loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and fruit blends from around the world; the pair made ethical sourcing their priority whilst delivering a quality and fresh product.  And so it began...

Sourcing and blending the world’s best tea

A decade later, our Belfast-based team still ethically sources and blends our big, fat, juicy, loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and fruit blends from all over the world. Today, Annie and Oscar still lead our team, and we keep winning award after award for both product and company, because we’re still focused on that same job – sourcing and blending the world’s best tea.

Suki Tea Makers plastic-free packaging

Quality is defined by what we source...

At Suki Tea, we have always believed quality is defined by what we source and what we deliver. We won’t settle for anything that is second best and this has been the driving force behind our vision since the very beginning. Our commitment to quality is reflected in responsible sourcing, great taste and delivering the very best customer experiences.

We are fiercely proud of what we have accomplished and as we embark on our 15th year in the industry, the knowledge and experiences we have gained so far are reflected into the new look and feel of SUKI TEA. So as we continue to dedicate ourselves to people, plant and planet, we move from Suki Tea to SUKI - Tea Makers after all, it takes a team of expert tea aficionados to do what we do.

growing tea

Growing Tea in NI

Not content to trot the globe learning about the industry at source and what makes a great cuppa from our valued supply chain (it’s a hard life, eh..), we decided to start our own tea garden right here on the beautiful shores of Strangford Lough, in Northern Ireland! All in the name of adventure and that eternal thirst for learning, it has been no mean feat. Check out our NI Tea Garden journey here:

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See the Tea Garden’s development in all its glory on the beautiful BBC programme ‘The Chronicles of Strangford Lough’ (yes, we are very lucky to live here ?) link


Making real and lasting impacts through industry bodies and our network of support

Doing business the right way

Doing business the right way enriches our experiences and our network. Here are just a few of the boards, bodies and committees that we contribute to when we are not selling a truly great, honest cuppa:

Tea Education

The experts at Suki Tea Makers applied their wealth of knowledge around orthodox tea and trends and developments in the foodservice industry to create a range of accredited courses, Now accredited by ESTA they offer a wide range of certified courses.

The European Speciality Tea Association is an inclusive organisation whose mission is to create and inspire excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

SUKI tea education

European Speciality Tea Association. Marketing Director Oscar Woolley

SUKI fairtrade tea

Fairtrade Belfast Steering Group – Vice-Chairperson Anne Irwin

Annie Planting tea leaves

Environmental Leadership Team member – Anne Irwin


Founding member of the Responsible Small Business Network - Anne Irwin