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Ground Espresso visit HQ for Suki Tea Academy!

Suki Tea Academy took place again yesterday, this time it was a training day for some of the guys at Ground Espresso Bars at Suki HQ! We are still creating tea champions on sip at a time!

Ground Espresso visit HQ for Suki Tea Academy!

Ground Espresso Bars was established in 2001 in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. They are a family owned and operated business. It is their mission to provide a haven for their customers where comfort, friendship, happiness, quality and ethics become synonymous with their name.

Their vision is to become the only chain of coffee bars in NI that can maintain a local, family friendly, welcoming atmosphere in partnership with excellent coffees served with innovation, in an ethical manner – as ground espresso bars ltd grows, so does otheir commitment to people and the planet.

They strive to partner with suppliers and employees who uphold the same values

integrity Responsibility Kindness Innovation

A Match made in Heaven we reckon!!

Ground Espresso Tasting setup for Suki Tea Academy!

Their team learnt about the origin of tea, the process the tea goes through from being plucked to rolled to dried. They then went in to our all new Tea Tasting Room where they learnt how to professionally taste tea!

We hope you guys enjoyed it and can't wait to see the rest of the Teams down in the future!