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Suki Tea's Oscar visits Japan

Day 1 in Osaka was great fun, tinged with a dreamy surreal edge due to full on Jetlag.

Day two of the fair and its flying by, Hankyu is championing its 49th year of British Fairs, the tea companies in the past have ranged from many famous names like Pukka and Ringtons and this year we got chosen for the big pitch in the main hall. It's a fantastic venue to launch a product , the Osakiens seem to love Apple Loves Mint, Red Berry and Lemongrass & Ginger.

Oscar's Tuna Cheek Carpaccio

Tuna cheek carpaccio.

As far as the rest of the experience goes I'm I'm staying in a region of Osaka called Shinsekai. Looks pretty interesting but I'm working a 12 hour days at the minute so it's all show show show & dinner. Roll on the Tea Gardens...

I've tried the following dishes already and plan on delving deeper as the weeks go on here in Japan...

  • Giant pickled steamed turnip
  • Sausage made from egg with a fish centre. (What is said on the menu)
  • An Edam cheese / Raddish hybrid. (My description).
  • Onion pancakes (Osaka speciality).
  • Sushi (so much of it)
  • Kidney bean cake
  • Matcha covered Tofu
  • Dried mushroom and pomegranate dip.
  • Mugwort skewers
  • Battered Shiitake
  • Blue Mungo Squid
  • Battered octopus balls
  • Red miso
  • Asparagus and pork stick
  • Wagyu beef
  • Okra & cheese
  • Fried squid tentacles
  • Fried chicken diaphragm (breakfast)
  • Fried cartilage (as appetising as it sounds)
  • Tuna cheek carpaccio

And the last meal I got I ordered via what looks like an ATM, sat down and someone popped through a door and gave me my meal.