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The style of a tea is determined by the variety and cultivar of the plant being used, its complete environment and the process each leaf goes through. As explained in this blog post, this all affects the final cup.

There are thousands of varieties of tea with a myriad of interesting and exciting new flavour profiles.At Suki Tea we have a tea to suit everyone: black, green, Oolong and white, as well as our ever-popular fruit and herbal infusions.

While our wide variety of flavoured and scented green teas are a popular choice for many, single origin, pure teas are also widely sought after.

We regularly introduce seasonal concoctions throughout the year such as our winter warmer, Spiced Citrus, our soothing triple-certified Earl Grey Blue Flower, our guilt-free indulgent Dark Cocoa Tea and our sumptuous Turkish Delight.

These help to keep our offering fresh and many have even won awards. Iced teas are now extremely popular in cafés and Suki Tea has the perfect offering- our Pink Grapefruit and Goji Berry & Pomegranate blends lend themselves as much to iced tea as they do a hot drink. They also make a great base for some delicious cocktail recipes!