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Suki Raspberry Ruffle Tea

If you love the classic raspberry ruffle chocolate bar, you're sure to love this brand new Raspberry Ruffle tea - you'll be feeling nostalgic with every dreamy, delightful sip!

Black Ceylon tea with rich dark chocolate accentuated with the nostalgic combination of sweet coconut and punchy, zingy raspberry. The perfect ode to the old classic raspberry ruffle bar.

This starts with a Ceylon black tea base combined perfectly with raspberry, cocoa shells and coconut flakes.The choice of a lightly, malty yet big flavoured black tea base brings warmth and depth to the blend, a perfectly balanced flavour, not too sweet, nor too creamy with all the elements that you would expect coming through in just the right amounts.

Suki Raspberry Ruffle Tea

Tasting Notes: Creamy, Smooth, Raspberry

This blend was lovingly created by Alex, our Technical & NPD Manager. Since Alex joined the Suki TEAm in December 2016 this tea has always been on her mind and one she has been so excited to blend - it's taken her months to get the blend right and finally she is happy to let you guys in on this taste sensation....

Alex Raspberry Ruffle Tea Launch

Alex's inspiration for this latest creation came from childhood memories; days of eating Raspberry Ruffles with her Granny in the back garden, or baking Raspberry Ruffle tray bakes with her Auntie. Alex said that with each sip of this tea, she gets all the nostalgic feels and if she closes her eyes she is taken right back to those happy childhood memories. Alex is proud of her most recent blend and she can't wait for you to try it! We would love to hear your thoughts on this new tea too - please let us know in the comments below or over on our social channels what you thought of this blend: @sukitea #sukitea

How we like it:

We don't just like this tea.... We LOVE it!!!!

Infuse one teaspoon (2.5g) in 200ml freshly drawn boiled water and brew for 4-6 minutes…

Now the choice is yours... at Suki HQ we think this tea is delicious with milk, it gives a real creamy, full-bodied flavour! So for a creamy, chocolatey cuppa (without the dreaded hot choc cals) just add a splash of milk!

March Suki Raspberry Ruffle Tea

This has been a big hit with the TEAm, loved by (nearly) all of us, it's definitely a must try! Here's what some of our staff and suppliers who've been lucky enough to taste it have had to say:

"A sophisticated tea version of a classic playful fave. A victory for the in-house blending & NPD team!". ~ Oscar

"My new favourite tea. Great work & research from the NPD team to achieve a great cuppa". ~ Patrick

"A beautifully rich and indulgent, yet delicate creation. I predict this blend will go viral and be a global phenomenon! Move over Turkish Delight... there's a new kid in town". ~ Annie

"I’m very much an Assam or Belfast Brew girl, not much else tea-wise has ever swayed me. But Raspberry Ruffle tea, THIS is amazing!! Even with milk. It’s raspberry, creamy, coconutty, smells just like raspberry ruffle bars. I’m a total convert now and where do I sign up for more??". ~ Samantha

"Wow, this is something else, best tea I’ve ever tasted – honest". ~ David

So far so good eh? Well done Alex! We think with raving reviews like these, it's worth giving it a go, if you have received your tea subscription box already this month you'll be lucky enough to have a sample of this tea already! If not, we have this tea on special offer all of March - meaning you can pick up your bag with a 50% discount all month! That's 80g for only £2.50 - get yours here!