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As another year comes to an end for local university and college students, Oscar was invited to speak at two events covering the history of afternoon tea and a final year showcase of art students who based their project on SUKI TEA.

The Power of Creativity

At SUKI TEA, we have always believed in the power of creativity and the importance of supporting local talent. That's why we are thrilled to share our recent involvement with various university groups, including the BTEC Art & Design course, where our co-founder Oscar and renowned glass artist Emma Bourke joined forces to inspire budding artists.

Emma Bourke visited from West Ireland to speak at the show.

The BTEC Art & Design Final Show was a culmination of the students' hard work and creative exploration around the topic of SUKI TEA, something that has been running for the last few years. Oscar and Emma kicked off the event by giving a captivating talk during the opening, setting the stage for an exhibition filled with innovative pieces and imaginative ideas. Witnessing the talent and passion displayed by these young artists was truly inspiring.

“We hope to raise awareness and inspire other business to step up and assist the arts community. Artists form that much needed foundation of any community’s creative environment. Artists act as creators and individual entrepreneurs who provide and inspire many of the products and designs that drive innovation. As a small business that promotes innovation at the core, we support this creativity.” Oscar

A responsible way to approach business.

As a small business, SUKI understand the intrinsic connection between art, design, and effective marketing. Oscar, an ex-art school attendee himself, deeply appreciates this synergy. By supporting university groups like the BTEC Art & Design course, the company fosters an environment that encourages students to explore the intersection of creativity and business.

Moving beyond the art realm, SUKI TEA also supports students studying professional cookery courses at Belfast MET. By assisting them in their studies, we aim to provide a fresh perspective on the culinary arts and help them understand how their skills can be applied in different contexts.

Just last week, Oscar had the pleasure of attending the final show of the professional cookery students. It was an opportunity for these budding chefs to showcase their culinary prowess and innovative approaches to gastronomy.

Ongoing support:

Supporting students in their educational journeys is all about sharing knowledge. That's why Oscar also dedicates his time to guest lecture once a year to a group of international students and those pursuing MSc in Management and Corporate Governance, shedding light on the intricate balance between business, sustainability, and business start-ups.