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Suki Tea Bushmills Black Bush Collab

If you haven't already seen on our blog (or in the press!) we're currently in the middle of a very exciting collaboration with Bushmills Ireland.

The partnership is the latest in the #BlackBushStories series and last week saw Suki Tea and Bushmills deliver some fantastic events in Dublin and Galway.

Our trade marketing executive Emma tells us all about how the first events went.

"Travelling down to Dublin we didn't quite know what to expect but it was the most fantastic experience! The team behind the Black Bush Blended series are so organised and had worked with us in the days and weeks leading up to the events to make sure we had everything we needed.

Our first venue in Dublin was the gorgeous Drury Buildings, a beautiful bar and restaurant spread over three floors, full of dark, rustic character balanced with light, airy spaces. The Drury Building staff were very accommodating and made the most delicious, fruit infused, themed cocktail using Black Bush whiskey and our Black Bush loose leaf tea.

Both Dublin events were hosted by food aficionado and editor Dee Laffan, who led Bushmills Brand Ambassador Lauren McMullan and Suki Tea co-founder Oscar Woolley in a rousing discussion about the history and future of Whiskey and Tea. Guests then enjoyed a tasting session on some of Bushmills best-loved Irish whiskeys paired with some complementary teas, before exploring the process of tea blending and finishing the night by creating their own personalised tea blend.

After two nights in Dublin we were on the road again for the first ever Galway-based Black Bush Blended event. Our new location was the Tribeton, a modern, glamorous space that was humongous in comparison to the cosy Drury building! With the help of new event host Galway Bay FM presenter Ronan Lardner, Oscar and Lauren took another room full of guests on a historic, interactive journey.

This week we're returning to showcase the events in Belfast and we can't wait to see what new cocktail our event venue, Menagerie, have brewed up for everyone!

This weeks events will be hosted by renowned food critic and PR consultant Joris Minne, who we've no doubt will have a fascinating take on the evening's activities. We've had a great time getting to know the Bushmills team and seeing what inventive, imaginative blends everyone has come up with so we're sure Belfast will be just as exciting."

If you've missed out on the Black Bush Blended events you can still enter to win one of ten limited edition gift packs featuring a tin of our exclusive Black Bush inspired loose leaf tea, a bottle of Black Bush, a Suki x Bushmills enamel mug and a black stump teapot.

To enter the competition or to find out more about the Bushmills Black Bush x Suki Tea collaboration visit