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Clean & Green Tea Selection

It's important that we take a little time out of our hectic schedules, to just rest, relax and relish a moments peace. Green tea and well-being go hand in hand, so why not give green tea a go this holiday and add some balance to what is usually a rather indulgent time of year. 

Green teas are absolute powerhouses of goodness! They are beautiful, light and vibrant teas which boast so many different health benefits. Perfect for when you want to cut down on the coffee and choose something with less caffeine.


Don't forget the time and brewing temp! So many people make the mistake of brewing with water at too high a temp, resulting in that nasty bitter taste so many people associate with green tea - time to banish those thoughts, brew all your green teas at 70-80°C. Either allow the water to cool after boiling, get one of those fancy kettles that you can select the temp or (our favourite) add a splash of cold water directly on to the tea leaves to protect them, then add your hot water! Ta-dah! perfectly brewed green tea every time!!

There are so many different types of green tea, you're sure to find one that suits your preferences! 

Selection Box

A selection of loose leaf teas for all times of the day. Great gift! 

  • Organic Green Tea Sencha 
  • Gunpowder Green Tea Spearmint 
  • Jasmine Phoenix Dragon Pearls
  • Green Tea Ginseng 

Sencha Green Tea

A staple green tea for everyday use. This is a smooth, gentle, fragrant tea if brewed for 3 minutes. A deeper flavour when brewed for longer, remember when you brew green tea you should only use 70-80 degree water! 

Green Tea Ginseng

Starting with a base of Sencha green tea leaf with the sumptuous addition of pineapple, ginger and ginseng root. This tea has a very light, fresh, sweet and smooth flavour - ideal for someone starting out on their green tea journey.

Green Tea Ginseng is said to naturally boost energy, help with weight loss, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, all whilst reducing stress and promoting relaxation within. 

Green Tea Lemon

Again this tea has a Sencha base with the citrus-y addition of lemon peel and natural lemon flavour. Fresh, citrusy, refreshing and sweet, ideal for all you lemon lovers. The wonderful citrus aromas of this brewed green tea and tingling, fresh lemon peel complement one another perfectly.

Green Tea Gunpowder

A punchy, full flavoured tightly rolled leaf. An all day classic. The tighter the roll, the better the quality, plus a beautiful tea to watch brew- as soon as this tea is introduced to hot water, it unfurls and springs back to life releasing those rich, roasted flavours.

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine flowers and green tea are meant to be together! This is a favourite in China as Zoë and her sister found out when they visited a few years ago, you can't go any where without being offered Jasmine green - it's like a Breakfast tea in the UK & Ireland!! This Suki version is a flavour combination that gives the depth of green tea aromatics balanced with the sweet floral taste of Jasmine. 

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

The most interesting and unusual looking tea! These beautiful green leaf tea pearls are hand rolled and placed beneath August Jasmine bloom, absorbing its magical scent. The process is repeated several times with fresh flowers to enhance the wonderful fragrant flavour, ensuring this is some of the best Jasmine tea you'll ever, ever have. A real treat for all jasmine lovers.


Organic stone ground green tea. Matcha tea is the foundation of the ancient Japanese tea ceremony. Shade grown and stone ground the traditional way, this ceremonial, fine grade Matcha is perfect for your favourite coconut/almond/Oat milk lattes or (for those Matcha fanatics) a punchy shot!

Not usually a green tea fan?

Are you used to a bitter tasting, unappealing green tea? This is a problem which is easily solved. Are you using boiling water to prepare your tea or leaving it too long? Instead the optimum temperature for green tea is 70-80°C. Green tea leaves are particularly sensitive due to their lack of processing. Boiling water is too hot for the delicate leaf and this is what causes the unpleasant, bitter taste we have unfortunately all been subjected too. Also, be careful not to steep the green tea for too long, as a rule of thumb we recommend 3 minutes but check the pack . . .  definitely no longer than 5 minutes. Your green tea, made the correct way should be light, yet flavourful, with subtle tasting notes shining through the cup.