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Shane Todd Collaboration | Holywood Blend. TAKE A LOOK
Iced Tea Jug


Prepare your daily hydration or elevate your social gatherings with the ultimate party pitcher. Batch brewing for a party or crafting refreshing iced tea or cold brew with ease. The inbuilt infuser and lid make tea preparation effortless. Cold-water steeping enhances natural sweetness, minimizing bitterness and tanginess for a smooth, mild taste. Chill for a leisurely brew or use a speedy hot steeping method when time is of the essence.
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MORE HAPPINESS PER CUP - Cold brew methodology preserves all the goodness and natural sweet flavours.
FOR THE PREPARATION OF COLD BREW TEA - Ideal for brewing small batches of cold brew tea or coffee. Made from borosilicate glass. Dismantles easily for thorough cleaning. Spare mesh filter available too.
Espresso Warehouse - Our products are precision-engineered for maximum taste and minimum fuss.
Cold Brew Tea/Coffee Making Kit - 47floz/1.4l - Black Ideal for brewing small batches of cold brew.

*always prepare infusions / botanicals with at least 80*C water before cooling

We care about people, plant and planet and our new packaging is now plastic-free.