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Shane Todd Collaboration | Holywood Blend. TAKE A LOOK


Introducing an innovative way to enjoy your favorite loose tea leaves. Pop a scoop of your chosen leaves into the filter pot, pour hot water, and steep according to recommended times. Then, set the filter pot on your mug and your cup fills with freshly brewed tea. Lift the pot off, leaving all the leaves behind. A simple and exciting addition to your tea routine!

The unbelievably simple and straightforward principle allows you to prepare your tea easily, quickly and hassle-free directly into your cup or mug!

Tea Maker Magic II. Made with heat resistant materials, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, practical and easy to use.

This has a patented design and ensures that the product only releases liquid at the bottom once a cup is placed underneath.

As soon as you lift the jug off of the cup, the flow automatically stops.

Do not touch the base of the Magic II with your hand whilst in use as this may release liquid.

To use, fill with loose leaf tea or coarsely ground coffee, pour water of the correct temperature over the product and after the desired brewing time, place the Magic II over the cup or mug and release the liquid.

Suitable for both tea and coffee.

We care about people, plant and planet and our new packaging is now plastic-free.