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Suki Iced Rasberry and Vanilla Tea|SUKI Iced Tea

Iced Tea is becoming more popular as people are seeking benefits of drinking tea in all forms. Usually associated with the sunshine, beautiful weather and sunglasses we're seeing more people than every trying cold brew or iced tea as part of their regular daily tea intake.

A chilled glass of Fruity Iced Tea to quench your thirst! Go on then. 

A few of our teas are designed specifically to make up either as a Cold Brew or an Iced Tea, plus with no added sugar you can enjoy this iced tea all day long!

Iced Raspberry & Vanilla 

Iced Apple 

As Cold brew tea is the new way to enjoy both your coffee and your tea - we've added these iced tea jugs to our website - with so many different varieties of tea and coffee to choose and experiment with, begin your Cold Brew journey with Suki today.

Cold Brew Method

Steep a few scoops of the tea in cold water for 24 hours in a fridge at less than 5oC. After that remove the steeped tea leaves from the jug and serve over fruit ice cubes! Enjoy any remaining cold brew tea for the next 24 hours!

Iced Tea Method

For one Iced Tea jug - add 8g of Raspberry and Vanilla Iced tea to the jug, gently pour 1 cup of hot water first onto the tea leaves, next add 3 cups of cold water, place in the fridge and let it brew, usually for 2 - 6 hours dependent on desired strength. Pour tea over ice cubes and Enjoy!


What you’ll need for this Iced Tea Lolly

A refreshing desert alternative. . .try our raspberry & vanilla ice lollies. 


Wash your raspberries & pop a few into each mould, brew up your iced tea, allow the tea to cool and then pour over the raspberries in the ice lolly moulds - you might want to add a little sweetness here, try honey or sugar syrup for those with a sweet tooth!

Pop them in the freezer until fully frozen, once frozen, remove the moulds from the freezer, run warm water over the ice lolly moulds for about 10 seconds, this should (hopefully) let iced tea lolly slide out? 

It is over to you guys to have fun experimenting with all the different flavour combinations of tea....once you do, def share a snap with us on social media, using the hashtag #SukiTea

Happy Experimenting!